How Mid Century Modern Decor Inspired The Incredibles 2 Set Design

Eve Morgan Interiors

The Incredibles 2 was released in UK cinemas on Friday 13th July, and I was very excited to watch it! Myself and Liam took my younger cousins to see it, but I think we were the most excited! Believe me, it doesn’t disappoint.

The one thing I couldn’t stop noticing throughout the film was the references to Mid Century Modern architecture and interior design. The production design team of Ralph Eggleston (Production Designer), Philip Metschan (Visual Designer), Nathan Fariss (Sets Supervisor) and Bryn Imagire (Art Director) have done a wonderful job of weaving Mid Century design features into the set. From impressive architecture to colourful interiors, the designers paid so much attention to detail. Even the home accessories are time appropriate.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best example of Mid Century Modern decor in the film, the Parr family home.  (I’m focusing purely on the decor so there will…

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